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      Dorothy Lowrie
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      Welcome to Human Learning Architecture Inc (HLA Inc)  

      “Architecture” n be defined as the “complex or refully designed structure of something”.  In the se of HLA Inc., the “something” is refully designed human learning experiences with the objectives of:
      I am Dorothy Lowrie, the CEO of HLA Inc.

      As a member of the Third Age generation and a lifelong learner myself, my business focus is on empowering other members of my generation through learning opportunities.

      My lifelong learning includes knowledge gained through 35 years working for an international IT corporation as well as numerous ademic pursuits including a Degree in Business Administration (completed at age 48) and a Masters in Adult Edution (completed at age 56).
      The programs and courses are for Third Age learners and in some ses offer inter-generational learning opportunities. 

      All the courses I develop and offer are reviewed by a panel of volunteers from the targeted generational groups to ensure the goals are clear and are met through the training activities.

      Historilly, the Third Age originated as a lifespan identity of retired individuals aged 50 -75 in France in 1973 as a result of the creation of university programs targeted at this group. 

      Primarily due to longer life expectancy, the majority of the population in many developed countries such as nada are now within this lifespan. 
      As life expectancy increases, the norms of aging and generational differences are being challenged with boundaries in periods of life becoming blurred and the emergence of new age group definitions and expectations relative to age appropriate behavior.  The Third Age is emerging as a time of life course transition!  Third Age individuals who seek out learning in response to their life transition have the potential to realize individual fulfillment and also to provide signifint contributions to society.
      Life Transition (Retirement) Coaching

      Cost: Quote based on individual needs analysis.

      Dorothy offers one on one coaching sessions for Third Age individuals requiring support and guidance through times of life transition.

      Coaching n help you either with your retirement plans or afterwards, when you are faced with the reality that the loss of your reer based identity presents. Dorothy n help you to explore ways to develop your new identity, an identity that proves you are more than what you did for a living!  

      Using creative tools and exercises, Dorothy will guide you through a process that will allow you to realize continued personal growth and renewal in your life after retirement. Please e-mail for a personal consultation.
      Engaging members of the Third Age (known more commonly as “seniors”)
      Enabling two-way knowledge sharing between generations within organizations and society
      Empowering individuals of the Third Age to continue to create a strong post-retirement identity and purpose
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